The Heraklion Gambit: A Nick Temple File

The Prequel to Switchback has Hit the Shelves!

In this prequel, Nick Temple, CIA Station Chief for Berlin, uncovers a plan for a daring gamble by the Soviet Union to overthrow the government of Crete in the Eastern Mediterranean. A centuries-old Russian ambition to have a warm-water port is within the Soviets' grasp unless Nick, and a small band of committed Cold War warriors, can thwart the deadly strike of an elite force of Russian commandos.

Step back into the hottest years of the Cold War with Jonathan Dyer’s latest spy thriller offering in the Nick Temple File series. The Heraklion Gambit bristles with historic detail, introduces a host of memorable characters, and keeps you turning the pages with expertly-drawn action scenes that leave you wanting more.  (Don’t despair!  Another Nick Temple File is on its way!)

Now available as eBook on Kindle! The paperback is also available at and Barnes & Noble.

Switchback: A Nick Temple File

Cold War Espionage. A CIA Mole, a Defector & the KGB.

In Nick's first adventure, America’s intelligence gathering network is under siege. Cold war spies are being targeted and assassinated at an alarming rate. The CIA turns to Nick Temple, who puts his life on the line for his country as his action-packed secret operation unfolds in Russian-occupied Berlin.  A ruthless Russian KGB operative, an alluring double agent and a high ranking traitor play a deadly game of intrigue and betrayal. Will the country Nick defends leave him in the hands of the KGB?

Follow Nick Temple, charter member of the CIA, in author Jonathan Dyer’s fast-paced historical spy thriller. Laced with crisp dialogue and a host of memorable characters, Switchback pulls you into the deadly struggle between the world’s nuclear superpowers during the late 1950s, at the height of the political terrorism known as the Cold War.

Switchback, published by Carta Studios, is available for purchase as paperback at,  Barnes & Noble, and Powell's Books or as eBook on Kindle.

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