American Coming of Age Story

Let Me Explain is a first-person narrative told by Harry Taft, a disaffected teenager looking for meaning in a world that strikes him as more than a bit out of whack. Harry tells his story in a way that is raw, coarse, crude, funny, sweet, and, at times, simultaneously all of the above.

Post-Modern Existentialism

Judging Paradise draws on a variety of classic influences to create a tightly-packed contemporary work that weaves both of Tolstoy's famously stated themes-a stranger comes to town and a man goes on a journey-into a story about a single, steamy day in the life of Frank Walker on the fictional Caribbean island of Santa Clara.

The Beggar’s Prayer is an intensely personal work that makes liberal use of the narrator's stream of consciousness to convey the mood-often dark and brooding-and harsh realities of a life well out of the mainstream in San Francisco in the late 1970s.