Silent Vector's Dynamite Ending

I had about half an hour to kill this afternoon after work so I took another look at the climactic chapters in Silent Vector just for the hell of it. Look, I know I have an obvious bias here, but I've got to say, the last few chapters of the book are as fun for me to read as any action story I've ever encountered. A boat chase, grenades exploding on a beach, a Nazi scientist scrambling for his life, disgraced Commies, Soviet plants in the U.S., a code breaker racing against time, poison gas, even the Fulton County (Georgia) Sheriff! It's all in there, and it moves so fast I have trouble keeping up . . . and I wrote it! At any rate, it was 30 minutes well spent, and it reminded me of the joy of writing. Forget about all of the advice and write for your own pleasure. Each time I pick up one of the Nick Temple Files, I'm glad I wrote them, and delighted to read a chapter or two or three one more time. I'm fairly certain I'll never tire of those stories.