The Holy Lance - Coming Soon

It's been a busy summer. I managed to finish two books I've been working on, the first of which is The Holy Lance: A Chet Brinker Thriller. While my preference is to write about events taking place during, and in the context of, the Cold War, the plot of The Holy Lance involves DNA testing and the remains of the murdered Romanovs. I settled on a contemporary (2nd decade of the 21st century) setting for the bulk of the story, although the initial chapters take the reader through some action in the 1st millennium, and the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. I like the results. I realize that's like saying, "My kids are the smartest kids in school," but if I was unhappy with the way the book turned out, I'd still be working on it. I'm not. The manuscript is in the hands of the publisher, so some additional editing and proofing, the cover artwork, interior and exterior font choices, cover blurbs, etc., are all in the works or on the horizon. Here's a first shot at a tag line: "A secret society seeks the lone surviving Romanov heir and the mythical holy lance, the two keys to fulfilling their ultimate goal of returning Russia to it former imperial glory and power!" How's that grab you? We'll see how the release will be timed given that The Flemish Coil is also done and at the same point in the publishing phase. Not a bad feeling having two in the can! Not bad at all.