Mark Valley's Podcast Interview

Mark Valley is putting together a fascinating podcast focused on the "world of domestic and international intrigue as we make sense of Cold War Berlin, where [he] was stationed in the late 80s and surrounded by civilians, soldiers, spies and informants." Mark contacted me via Twitter over a year ago about the Nick Temple Files. We've had a number of conversations since then most of which have been focused on the factual and fictional worlds of espionage and intelligence in Cold War Berlin. Last Tuesday, Mark interviewed me via Skype for his podcast, The Live Drop, which is currently in preproduction. We had a wide-ranging conversation about Berlin, the Cold War, intelligence operations, and the process of writing. I'll admit to being nervous about the whole deal at the beginning, but Mark's informal and friendly style, mixed with his own depth of knowledge and experience, quickly put me at ease, and the result was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product and the other episodes he's currently producing. His list of guests is impressive and eclectic within the general ambit of Cold War espionage. As a result, The Live Drop, when all is said and done, will be an informative and entertaining addition to the fascinating body of Cold War knowledge.