Nick Temple File Number 4, The Flemish Coil, is Done!

For the second time this summer I'm blogging about having finished writing a novel. I set three writing goals for this summer, and two of them are now done. This is the 4th in the Nick Temple File series and it is clearly the most important one to me from a writing standpoint. As I've chronicled here before, I was stuck on this book for more than two years. I tried a number of different things to get it going again, but nothing worked. I was stalled out at about 30,000 words and at times it looked like that was going to be it. But, that ain't how it turned out. And it feels great! I've been writing like mad since I figured out how to write my way out of the box I'd created, and now the first draft is done. The rest - proofing, editing, adding, subtracting, etc. - is easy by comparison. This completed novel brings my total to 8, that's right, 8 books. That's an oeuvre, if I do say so myself, and I do. Okay, so that's the celebration. Good feeling, lots accomplished, yadda, yadda, yadda. Maybe a splash of what I like to call potato wine tonight. Yeah, buddy!