The Flemish Coil on Kindle, and other Nick Temple File News

After mulling it over for too long, I decided to pull the trigger and make The Flemish Coil available via Kindle. I'm not sure what the holdup was on my part, but this morning I had some time so I finished the fairly painless process of getting it Kindle ready, so to speak. Kindle Direct Publishing told me it could take as long as 72 hours for the listing to go live. It took less than an hour. When tech works, it's a wonderful thing. Amazon has also created a page just for the Nick Temple File series. It looks great, so why not check it out? I've emailed them asking them to add The Flemish Coil. I'll post the link again when all four Nick Temple Files are on it. I know that it's popular to bash Amazon, but when it comes to publishing and listing my books, I have to say the experience has been a good one. And now I've got a few days off so I think I'll make some progress on The Shadow Chamber, Nick Temple File no. 5.