The Holy Lance is Up and Selling

After Little Acorn Publishers, the London outfit that first published The Holy Lance, went out of the publishing business, I left the book alone. It was delisted and marked "not currently available" on Amazon and elsewhere. As noted in my previous post, I thought I was done with writing and promoting, so I did nothing. My recent recommitment to writing and to what I've written included getting the book back in print and making it once again available. I chose to publish it myself via Amazon's CreateSpace. The process is fairly painless, and remarkably quick. As part of that process I designed a new cover, and rewrote the back cover description. Within minutes of my approving the proof, the Amazon listing went active. Both the paperback and Kindle versions are now available, and, I'm pleased to say, a sale has already been recorded! Potential readers can check it out by using the "Look Inside" feature on the listing, and Kindle Unlimited members can download it for free. If you're so inclined, click here to check out the most recent version of my 21st century thriller, The Holy Lance. And if you like what you read, don't forget to tell 100,000 of your closest friends.