Three Books at a Time

I think I'm in a pretty unusual position here. This summer I finished two action/spy novels I've been working on. The first is another entry in the Nick Temple File series, The Flemish Coil. The second, The Holy Lance, is a 21st century romp that combines some spy/thriller and action elements with a good dose of history and a dab of fantasy thrown in for good measure. Both of those books, starting with The Flemish Coil, are going to be published by the outfit that published my first three Nick Temple Files, Carta Studios. We're in the process of cover design with Coline LeConte at Bang Pound Dot. She has designed all of the covers in the Nick Temple File series to date, and I can't wait to see what she comes up with for Nick Temple File number 4. So much for the two thrillers.

As to book number 3, before the summer started I submitted my previously self-published coming-of-age novel, Let Me Explain, to Little Acorn Publishing after their call for submissions this spring They informed me last week that they're going to publish the book this winter. Right now they're in the process of putting together a cover. I've submitted an author bio as my final contribution to the process, excepting any last minute edits that may be required. They're shooting for a release in the first two weeks of December.

So, as of this writing, I have three books that will soon be published, all within a couple of weeks or months of each other. I'll be honest, it's a pretty good feeling, and it's had the strange side effect of making me a bit lazy about other writing projects. Why get greedy, right? I'm going to sit back, relax, and enjoy the process of seeing these three books come into print. Once that's happened, I imagine I'll get back to writing on a more or less regular basis. In the meantime, I'm content to embrace this unusual and likely unique moment in my writing career.