Making a Cold War Best Seller

I've imagined them; I've written them; I've edited them; I've read them, and I've read them again, and in my view, for what it's worth, Silent Vector is the best of the Nick Temple Files. It's sort of like picking your favorite child, which no one should do, without worrying about doing any long-term psychological damage. I like them all, no doubt about it, but if I had to choose one of the three, as I said, I'd choose Silent Vector. It's got it all: exotic locations, dry humor, a healthy dose of violence aimed mostly at the bad guys, a romantic interest for Nick Temple, loyal buddies, despicable villains, a plot that twists and turns, and an ending that should deliver full satisfaction. So . . . if you're looking to get on a particular bandwagon, check out the third of the Nick Temple Files. My bet is that, after reading all three of them, you'll agree. They're all good, but Silent Vector is the best! And don't forget to tell 100,000 of your closest friends!