Cold War Hot Spots Are Still Delivering

My third Nick Temple File, Silent Vector, continues my recent admittedly uncanny streak of selecting a country for a leading part in a Cold War novel that gets catapulted back into our current consciousness by contemporary events. The Heraklion Gambit centers around a thrust south by the Soviets in search of a warm water port that can be taken by an operation supported by the Black Sea fleet. Silent Vector's opening chapters are in large measure centered on the aftermath of the brutal history of late 1950s Kenya. Anyone following the news of late knows of the recent unrest rocking Kenya. It's all a weird coincidence, but I am beginning to feel the power of the pen in ways I'd never expected. In fact, I've been working on the fourth Nick Temple File, The Flemish Coil, and Vietnam is going to play a key role in the book. At some point I expect that I'll be getting contacted by foreign governments asking me not to feature their countries in any Nick Temple File for fear of being the next country that keeps this unusual streak alive. If Vietnam is feeling a bit nervous, well, they know where they can find me.