Life's Events and Switching Gears

Since completing the fourth Nick Temple File, The Flemish Coil, I've been working on developing my screenplay "The Bonus Army." I've made solid progress in terms of research and teasing some financial details out of the script. The project is a good one, likely to take a number of years. A few years back I began a novel entitled Lake Solitude. It's a deeply personal novel with a murder mystery thrown in for good measure. The book is so personal that I stopped writing, vowing to return to it after the passing of both of my parents. Two characters in the book bear some slight resemblance to them. My father passed away more than 20 years ago. My mother is slipping away even as I write this. The book, as it is unfolding, may have caused her some unintentional pain. I stopped because I did not wish to risk that. However, given the recent turn in her health, she will soon be beyond any pain of any sort, a blessing for her as the last year of her life has been much of a struggle. All that's by way of saying I'm going to put the Bonus Army on the back burner and focus my creative energy on finishing Lake Solitude, some of which I posted as a work in progress on this blog. Wish me luck.