Circling Back to Unfinished Cold War Business

That title is probably a bit more dramatic than the body of this entry deserves. The fact is that I'd pretty much thrown in the towel on ever writing again. Several months ago I seemed to have reached a point where I simply didn't have anything else to say, at least in a novel format. I struggled with The Flemish Coil, the fourth Nick Temple File, and finally surrendered, convinced that the well had run dry. Honestly, coming to terms with that was pretty easy. I mean, why presume that I have anything more to say? I've written three Cold War spy novels, three "literary" novels, and half a dozen screenplays. It's just possible, and altogether acceptable, that there ain't no more, and the well may in fact be dry. Be that as it may, tonight I picked up the Flemish Coil project again, reviewed what I'd written to date, made a few revisions and notes, and actually managed to outline four more chapters. That's the first progress I've made on the book in months, and it feels as if there may be more. Time will tell whether I've broken the logjam or merely let loose a faint creative death rattle!