A Cold War Halloween: Berlin, Istanbul, Vienna and Prague, 1958

Switchback, the first Nick Temple File, works its way through a fictional bloodbath in the book's first several chapters. The timid reader will likely be put off by the pile of bodies. The strong of heart will just as likely hang in there, and maybe be hungry for more! Things get off to a gory start as the first chapter recounts the execution, via stiletto to the heart, of a CIA freelancer, on Kochstrasse, East Berlin just after midnight on October 31, 1958. The hits keep coming: an assassination in an Istanbul alley, a bomb blast in a Viennese cafe, and a midnight execution followed by defenestration in Prague (get the obscure historic allusion?), all before the end of Chapter 7! It was enough to make Cornell Bailey, Special Assistant to the Director of Central Intelligence, mutter, "Jesus. A helluva Halloween." For more of the same, check out Switchback, in paperback or as an eBook. I dare say, you'll be glad you did!