Is The Cold War Back?

Russian troops on the move to crush a regional upstart; a “legislature” that rubberstamps the decisions of a virtual dictator; warm water ports; East/West polarization. Can it be true? Yes! It’s true! The Cold War is back, and I know a bunch of men and women ready to dust off their headphones, break out their backwards dictionaries, and take hand copy on some tasty sparty[1] active on a 120, all in the name of ginning up the deadly serious game of cat and mouse that defined our lives for so many years. Forget about idiots with malfunctioning underwear and shoe bombs! You want to talk terrorist state? This is the big leagues, baby, and the stakes don’t get any higher. I can almost hear Slim Pickens reading off the contents of his survival kit as he blows past the failsafe point headed for “nuclear combat toe-to-toe with the Russkies!” The heirs to an ethic of service in the name of American global power and a life-long commitment to containing the Russian Bear stand ready, either overtly or covertly, to do their bit. For those of you feeling a bit rusty, grab one of the Nick Temple Files and start turning the pages.  It’s like riding a bike . . . only better!

[1] For the uninitiated, sparty is an acronym for self-propelled artillery, the “King of Battle!”