Joined the Independent Author Network

I joined the Independent Author Network this week. It's a site for authors from small indie presses like my publisher, Carta Studios. The website's primary synergy is between their 1,400 or so authors and their nearly 100,000 followers on Twitter. I have an author's page where the Nick Temple Files, Switchback and The Heraklion Gambit, are listed. I've included a listing for the yet to be released Silent Vector. Except for a small set up fee, the service is free. It consists primarily of server space for my books, social network and point-of-sale links, and retweeting, as they say, my tweets about my books. They recommend three tweets (I can't get used to that word as a either a noun or a verb, but such is the age we live in) per day to drive visitors to my author's page. So far they've been true to their word. The goal is, obviously, to increase exposure and sales, both of which will be welcome if achieved. I'm looking forward to seeing their model in action.