Progress on Developing "The Bonus Army" for The Big Screen

Not surprisingly, this is a huge project. But, honestly, having done it once on a very small scale convinces me that it is indeed a matter of scale. So, here goes. The first thing I'm working through is a budget for the actors and extras. To that end, I've taken a scene report generated by my version of FinalDraft and added into the entry for each scene the named characters who do not have a speaking role, and the anticipated number of extras for that scene. The scene report FInalDraft generates also details how many lines named characters in that scene have and how many pages of script the scene consumes. I'm using what I believe to be a conservative estimate of, on average, two and a half pages of script per shooting day. The script is currently 108 pages, so shooting will take about 7 1/2 weeks at six days per week. Going back through the scenes after the details above are worked out for each one will tell me how many work days will be needed from which I can derive a total budget for the actors and extras. In the meantime, I'm researching suppliers of lighting and camera equipment, props, and costumes to get a handle on the costs involved for renting those items. While there are literally hundreds of items beyond the above, that feels like a good start. If I can get a handle on those costs within the next six months, then I'll be making solid progress. Stay tuned.