New Rule: Bill Maher Needs to Quit Whining about Free Speech

I rarely do politics here, but here goes. I read a bit on the Huffington Post reporting that Bill Maher complained about what some UC Berkeley students who took offense at a few of his remarks about Islam did. From what I can gather, Cal's invitation to Maher to speak at its December graduation ceremony was the object of protests and a petition that took offense at Maher's views on Islam and a number of other cultural issues. Like many talking heads on television, Maher gets paid a lot of money to say outrageous, and sometimes funny, things. So, it should come as no surprise to anyone that he hacks people off. Okay, but the article states that during a "free speech" segment on Maher's television show "Real Time with Bill Maher," he said in response to those protestors and without any apparent sense of irony or self-awareness, "You have to tell me, where do I go to protest you?" Gosh, Bill, I'll take a stab at telling you because the answer's pretty easy. I mean, isn't that kinda what you're doing there on your television show? Isn't that what you got to do, if you'd wanted to, during your commencement speech? Or how about you get a sign, put on it whatever you want, and walk up and down some sidewalk in Berkeley or any other city the way ordinary Americans who don't have television shows and who aren't multimillionaires protest any number of things every day in this country? Any of those three choices, two of which you've already used, are available to you. Does that answer your question? I suspect that Bill Maher's problem is not with what he mistakenly sees as an attempt to limit his First Amendment right to free speech (note to Bill: the Amendment applies only to government action); my guess is his real problem is that he doesn't like speaking for free.