October Baseball

I love baseball, warts and all. Right now the best teams, the most interesting teams with some of the best stories, are playing for a championship so I'm in hog heaven. Championship baseball has a time of year associated with it that no other major sport in America enjoys. The playoffs enjoy the moniker of "October Baseball." The playoffs mean stadiums full of wildly partisan fans, the best pitching, hitting, and defense the league has to offer, and the high drama of the ecstasy of victory alongside the agony of elimination after more than six months of grind-it-out baseball. It all culminates in the World Series which has been known for decades as "The Fall Classic." Football's playoff season, which is in the dead of winter, enjoys no such labels. I've never heard fans speak with reverence of "January Football." I've likewise never heard them refer to the Super Bowl as "The Winter Classic."  Hockey and basketball suffer from the same lack of championship season identity. College basketball engages in "March Madness" every year, and that's a great hook, but if you check the schedule for 2014, the final round of "March Madness" takes place at the end of the first week of April. Maybe it's time the NCAA stopped fining guys for signing their names and concentrated on something important like finding a new name for its basketball tournament. As for baseball, there's no need to change a thing. Like all classics, it's timeless, and I for one can't get enough of it.