Polio? Seriously?

I read a brutal story yesterday about the rise of polio cases in Pakistan. Apparently it's in part due to a CIA operation in that country - a fake polio vaccination drive was used to collect DNA evidence from Bin Laden's compound in Abbotabad, according to an article in the online version of the Chicago Tribune. Click here for that story. Now, again according to that account, the Taliban are killing real polio vaccine workers whom they see in part as being a cover for spies. The predictable result is noted in my first sentence above.

I've written on this blog before about some similarities between the events in two Nick Temple File novels I've written and what's going on in Russia and Ukraine these days. And my most recent blog entry was about some similarities between a screenplay I wrote about four years ago and what some now see, in light of the events in Ukraine, as Putin's ultimate goals for Russia. Then yesterday the headline about the CIA and polio caught my eye. Why? Because the third Nick Temple File, Silent Vector, a book I wrote last summer which is to be released soon, revolves around a fictional plot by the Soviet Union to introduce a vaccine-resistant strain of polio engineered by a former Nazi scientist into the American heartland. Now the coincidences are getting just plain weird. I've been working on a fourth Nick Temple File. Since I appear to be on sort of a roll, maybe I'll throw in a chapter about a novelist who wins the lottery, a far less depressing coincidence if it were to come to pass.