A Sample of Let Me Explain

Let Me Explain is scheduled for release on or about December 14th! It's obviously gratifying to see this process moving successfully forward. In the meantime, just to give readers an idea of what they'll find in the book, I've decided to print this small excerpt. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you want more. Stay tuned.

"So here I sit, in the middle of my third fall in a row at Sudsbury. Like I said, the setting for the school is spectacular in a postcard sort of way. It sits in the middle of a small valley that runs northwest-southeast right along the banks of the Wopatcong river, named after some Indian tribe wiped out about 350 years ago by pious killers and small pox. The river is fast and shallow where it borders the school, and the water, no matter what time of year, is pretty damn cold. You can fish the river if you’re so inclined, but it’s too fast and shallow to put anything but a kayak on it. In fact, there’s a kayaking club at Sudsbury that a handful of students run. They keep their equipment in the gym basement, which is a short walk from the river. I thought about signing up for it last spring instead of playing lacrosse again, but the multi-page, single-spaced waiver that Sudsbury’s legal counsel cooked up was so far beyond my comprehension that I was more than a little suspicious. The upshot of the document was, I think, that if you’re nuts enough to go kayaking on the Wopatcong then you’re on your own and we don’t want to get any legal beefs from your folks if you croak and, oh yeah, even if you do croak while kayaking, your family doesn’t get any of the tuition or room and board they’ve paid refunded and that’s final. Besides, the members of the club had to buy their own equipment, including their own kayaks. I just couldn’t see the point of interrupting one of my dad’s few sober moments to ask him a dumb-ass question like, 'Gee, Dad, will you buy a kayak and a bunch of other neat looking shit for me even though I’ve never kayaked a minute in my life and might not even like it? Huh, Dad? Will ya?' On the other hand, he might have paid for the stuff. He thinks I’m a pansy and he might have seen it as some character building deal. I guess we'll never know."