Silent Vector - The Soviet View

Here's another brief entry from my upcoming novel, Silent Vector, the third in the Nick Temple File series. Nothing but headaches for the CP's General Secretary, fictionally speaking of course. Oh, well. I guess that's why he got paid the big rubles!

"The General Secretary rubs his temples as he rereads the messages in front of him. Proykiev’s gamble has failed. The Americans have eliminated Kropotkin leaving no one in place to terminate the German. They should have left Kropotkin alone. Kasparanov and the old guard will be able to breathe easier. The Army and Navy will undoubtedly continue to insist that the Cuba initiative, now being called Operation Anadyr, proceed on the fantastic assumption that a nuclear contest with the Americans is winnable. Only time will tell if he and others who are like-minded will be able to pull the nation back from that brink. And if the German succeeds, the end may come sooner rather than later."