Bringing "The Bonus Army" to the Big Screen

I set three writing goals for this summer. The first two, to finish writing the thrillers The Holy Lance and The Flemish Coil, have been met. The third was to work on developing the screenplay of my first Nick Temple File, Switchback. This morning I decided to change goal number three to exploring the development of my screenplay "The Bonus Army." It's a story about thousands of desperate World War I vets descending on Washington, D.C., trying to get Congress to pay a promised bonus to each of them during the Great Depression. I wrote it for a number of reasons. First, our country has, unfortunately, all too often neglected its veterans once the fighting has stopped. The story of the Bonus Army is, therefore, sadly timeless. Second, this fascinating event has never been brought to the big screen, a serious oversight in my view. Third, those involved in this unfortunate affair are some of the heavyweights of 20th century American military history, complex icons like MacArthur, Eisenhower, and Patton. All in all, it's a great story (the main reason I wrote it) that needs to reach a wider audience than some excellent books on the subject have so far managed. So, here goes. We'll see if I have what it takes to get this story told in a way that helps it transition from a fairly obscure event to a well-recognized element of our common cultural literacy. That would be great.