"Rush" to Judgment

Not even Christmas week can go by without a certain radio talk-show host making sure everyone knows what a jerk he is. This guy thinks that the fictional character James Bond can only be played by a white actor. That dopey assertion is just the latest  to foul the public airwaves after squeezing out of his tiny mind and through his obnoxious pie-hole. I thought about sending him a copy of Silent Vector in the hope that his head might explode when he realizes that Nick Temple's romantic interest in a book set in 1962, Dalila Atieno, is a Kenyan. Nick's white, and Dalila's black. It may go without saying that there weren't a lot of interracial relationships in America in 1962. But that's one of the great things about writing fiction: cultural barriers, real and imagined, be damned. And for the record, if anyone out there wants to make any of the Nick Temple Files into a movie, or better yet into a franchise, that person should feel free to ask Idris Elba, or any other actor who can handle the part, to play Nick Temple. Having no regard for backwards, cretinous drivel, I'd simply be thrilled to see the stories come to life.