Old Thriller, New Project

I wrote a screenplay a number of years back entitled The Holy Lance. The logline of the screenplay reads as follows: "A CIA desk jockey stumbles across a plot to restore Imperial Russia to its former glory through the power of the mythical Holy Lance." It's been sitting on a flash drive for a number of years during which time I've occasionally tried halfheartedly to sell it. Sales are not my strong suit, so it continues to sit gathering virtual dust. I was kicking around ideas in search of a new project a few days ago and it hit me. Why not turn The Holy Lance into a novel? So, that's the new project. I've brushed off the virtual dust, reread the script, and gotten to work. The script works as a detailed outline. After the reread, I went back through the story and figured out how many chapters I should have - 40 in all. I've also started the process of replacing the screenplay format with the elements that will make the story a novel rather than a 22,000 word script. It should be fun. I've always liked the story, and I'm looking forward to the challenge of fleshing it out into full novel form. I'll keep the updates coming and post excerpts from time to time as I make progress. I'm shooting for a first draft manuscript by the end of July. So . . . here goes!