Chapter 12 of Silent Vector

Chapter 12, in which the role perfect for Lupita Nyong'o begins to emerge



“Serves the poor bastard right!”

Bill Johnson nods in agreement with the Director’s assessment. Nick responds on the speaker phone.

“Yeah, I think he got a little more than he bargained for.”

“Any identification yet?”

“A local guy. Nothing that raises any flags. A couple of months in jail here and there. A petty theft beef and a stint for possession.”

“I think you should pack your bags and head back to D.C., Nick, at least until we can get a better handle on the situation."

“I’m already packed, sir. I’ve got a seat on the evening hop to San Juan. I’ll spend the night in Condado and head out for Miami in the morning.”

“Don’t unpack when you get here.”

“Why’s that, Bill?”

“We’re picking up bits and pieces of some kind of Soviet and German activity in Kenya. Your guy down there is a professor, right?”

“That’s what his contact called him.”

“Two German doctors were butchered outside of Voi.”

“Never heard of it.”

“It’s about 150 clicks west of Mombasa.”

“You think the Sovs did it?”

The Director chimes in.

“Negative. But the Soviet Cultural Attaché from their consulate in Mombasa was blown to bits right before he was supposed to meet with a third German. I won’t go into the details right now, but the man responsible for the attaché’s death was from Voi. My gut tells me your man on St. Thomas is connected.”

“Seems like a longshot.”

“No question. But I’d bet your paycheck I’m right.”

“I’m all for it if it means coming back down here, as long as the Company’s willing to spring for a new Jeep.”

“Not a problem, but two’s the limit.”

“I’ll call when I get to Miami.”

“Call Bill. He can set up our meeting. See you soon, Nick.”

The Director picks up the receiver and sets it back down ending the call. Bill Johnson gets up to leave.

“Anything from State?”

“They sent over a file of a Kenyan the UK Governor’s office said is top notch. Should be able to help us out. Cheryl has the file. Pick it up, look it over, and think about what we want her to do.”


“That’s right. I’ve read the file, and I agree with State. She’s got what it takes.”

“I’ll get on it. Anything else, sir?”

“That’s all I’ve got. We’ll talk when Nick gets back.”

“Will do.”

Bill Johnson walks out of the Director’s office. He stops at the Director’s secretary’s desk.

“Got a file for me, Cheryl?”

Cheryl grabs the file in her in-box marked “CONFIDENTIAL” and hands it to Johnson. He opens it up. Stapled to the inside cover is a photograph of Dalila Atieno, a 30-year-old Kenyan who works for the Provincial Commissioner in Nairobi. The routine bureaucratic nature of the small black and white photograph absolutely fails to tone down her stunning beauty.