Who Created Donald Trump?

I've been reading various theories on just who among us is responsible for the Donald Trump phenomenon. One such theory lays the blame specifically at the feet of Fox News; another points to elements in what is known as the Tea Party; a third theory faults the GOP and its endless rightward drift; while a fourth theory generally blames his candidacy on the sad state of the American electorate and the electoral process. I reject all of these theories in favor of one that hit me like a bolt of lightning about an hour ago.

The Donald Trump Presidential Campaign is clearly a Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld production that relies on many of the same writers from the shows Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Honestly, can't you just hear one or more of their characters saying some of the things that have come out of Trump's mouth. The George Steinbrenner caricature could have bellowed any one of the now famous Trumpisms about "speaking Mexican" or "Blacks love me" or "I'm really good at this stuff." Is it not true that the explosive volatility of the thin-skinned Frank Costanza bleeds through whenever Trump takes offense, which is just about daily? And don't tell me that the bizarre, delusional world of Cosmo Kramer is all that different from The Donald's pronouncements about any number of issues, from our relationship with Japan and our need for a "killer" when we negotiate with them, to his declaration that it's likely that the Chinese "just want us to die," or his questioning why we even need an election when it's so clear that he's the best man for the job. This is great, funny stuff!

Well, I'm glad I finally figured that out. Now I can watch The Donald Trump Presidential Campaign show or not, secure in the knowledge that the whole thing is just another very funny, often uncomfortable-to-watch creation of two of the best comic minds of the last 25 years. Whew! That was close.